Our Mission
The future of dairy

Our Mission

"Arla’s mission is to secure the highest value for our farmers’ milk while creating opportunities for their growth."

As a cooperative company owned by milk producers, our task is to ensure that we can create as much value as possible from the milk producers' milk - and thereby achieve a competitive milk price for them - for both our owners and other suppliers.

For our owners, it is important that they are confident that their milk can be sold - not only today, but also in the future. Without a secure future outlook they would not be able to develop their own farms.

More milk creates a dynamic business

For Arla, it is important that the farmers develop their farms, as this will ensure that we have the milk we need. More milk creates a dynamic business, because we can utilise scale benefits and grow as the retail sector expands. Our goal is that we can always deliver the products required by current and new customers and consumers.

We believe that, through growth, we can secure a sound and stable milk price, ensuring that our owners have faith in the future, as well as confidence in Arla. This growth will be achieved by pursuing our strategy and fulfilling our vision.

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Did you know?

Arla is farmer owned

Dairy farmers own Arla. Our objective is to help them obtain the highest possible milk price.

Arla is farmer owned